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GQ Auditores Auditores Consultores, since 2015 providing consulting services in the areas of Audit, Tax, Legal and Accounting. A different style of consulting based on our own GQ methodology and market best practices. Find us on our website Listen to us online at!
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…And in our space of PEOPLE Q

Our collaborator Gabriela Rodriguez is 26 years old and has been with GQ Consultores for the last six years; she studied at Duoc Accounting and Auditing and while she was studying she joined GQ Consultores in the last year and this is her story: How did you get to GQ, Gabriela? Juan Pablo was my […]
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Reference case Opus Inspection. Financial Services GQ Consultants

Nicolás Tscherkasow, Chief Financial Officer Latin America. Opus Inspection, a company dedicated to providing exceptional vehicle inspection and maintenance (I/M) programs. Fully vertically integrated with operations in 21 U.S. states and several countries around the world and in the region, including Chile, where it is a leading player. SYSTECH Chile, part of the network of […]
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