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Our collaborator Gabriela Rodriguez is 26 years old and has been with GQ Consultores for the last six years; she studied at Duoc Accounting and Auditing and while she was studying she joined GQ Consultores in the last year and this is her story:

How did you get to GQ, Gabriela?

Juan Pablo was my teacher and he invited me to participate in this project he had with Jorge, who had another name before, to try it out and see if I was interested. I was working in accounting in another company, it was a rather informal job. Juan Pablo invited me to apply because of my active participation in classes, he noticed that I was a student who participated and asked a lot of questions in the taxation classes, which indicates that I am interested in learning. At that time I was single, had no children and lived with my grandparents.

How did you start your work at GQ?

I started as an Accounting Analyst, performing accounting execution and analysis, account analysis, invoice entry and payment, expense rendering, payroll preparation, among other activities, audits, review and filling out forms, etc. I started working with Juan Pablo directly. At that time there were about 6 of us at GQ; everyone received me very well, it’s a very good team; I felt very comfortable.

What has happened over the years at GQ?

Some time ago I was promoted to Tax Senior and in this role I am in charge of tax reviews and scheduling, it is a role with more contact with clients. My direct boss is Judith Navarro, Tax Supervisor, and I also see clients directly. I am studying again, preparing a Diploma in Taxation at the ITF, Instituto de Estudios Tributarios y Financieros, and my family has grown, I have a 2 and a half year old daughter named Amalia.

What has it been like to combine motherhood and professional life?

My family’s support has been fundamental, my paternal grandmother takes care of my daughter while I work; today I live with my mother, she also works, but she supports me in other schedules with my daughter. I am surrounded by great women, all very empowered.

How was GQ’s support during your pregnancy and post-natal period?

The whole GQ Team was a great seven, I can’t thank them enough for all the support, they still ask me daily about her; when I told GQ the news they were surprised, but immediately gave me their full support and told me that these were even more reasons to keep growing. I was out of the office for almost a year due to pre and post natal issues.

One always has the stigma, being a woman, that if you get pregnant you have to start looking at other job options because of discrimination. Here at GQ the support and time given was unconditional, they always told me that the priority was my daughter, until today they tell me to take the necessary time in terms of medical schedules or other inconveniences with her.

How do you see yourself in the future? What are your dreams?

I see myself at home, with my partner, with my daughter, but I don’t see myself with more children; stable at work, but with a job that doesn’t demand 100% of me. In the medium term, I hope to continue at GQ, but in the long term, perhaps I will meet other companies to get to know other work realities and continue learning.

Message to GQ, and to all your colleagues who make up the team?

I feel immense gratitude for the way they are, and not only with me but with all their collaborators, there is always a word of encouragement and a word of support for us. I feel very grateful for the opportunity, for the trust and the great support. Above all, when you start out it is difficult to find people who believe in you and GQ believed in me, my infinite thanks!

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