Audits Financial Statements

What is the Audit of Financial Statements?
It is a process of reviewing an organization’s financial statements and disclosures accompanying it, made by an independent Audit Consultant, with the result of a “Independent Auditor’s Report”, where an opinion is issued regarding the reasonableness in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), thus accrediting the objectivity of the presentation of financial statements and disclosures related.
What are the Main benefits?
Provide reliable financial information about the Company, for decision making.
Provide security regarding the financial information that is presented in tenders with public and private entities.
Provide your company with the necessary means to meet credit requirements with financial institutions.
Review the correct application of tax laws.
Protection for the interests of your shareholders and creditors.
Know the yields and financial situation of the company.
Why hire GQ Consultores?
We work under the “GQ Methodology” that incorporates the "Best Market Practices"

and a standardized way of dealing with the requirements, guaranteeing the Reports with the highest quality, transparency and in the shortest possible time.

The Experience and Knowledge of the entire GQ Team of Collaborators grants our Clients and their shareholders, investors, creditors and regulators, the greatest visibility and confidence in the information, to carry out optimal management in their respective businesses.

Some of our services...

Audit of financial statements.

Limited review of financial statements.

Agreed audit procedures.

Convergence and advice IFRS (Full and SME) or IPSAS.

Inventory taking.

Internal control evaluation.